2019 US Open Tennis Ticket Tips and Prices

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Update: 2019 US Open tickets will go on sale on Monday, June 3rd. Amex Presale will begin on Tuesday, May 28th.

Update 6/3/19: I have added a table with prices of standard tickets I was able to see to the post. You can keep reading or jump directly to the table by clicking here.

The 2018 US Open tennis tournament was our first trip to a Grand Slam tournament. During the last summer, we spent time gathering information about the tournament, especially about seating and tickets. We realized shopping for US open tennis tickets often means a lot of questions and probably frustration. In this post, we want to share what we observed so far through tracking ticket prices. We hope you can find useful information in our post for your ticket hunting experience. We will update this post as we learn new information.

The main questions we want to address are:

  • What are US Open standard ticket prices?
  • What are the best times to buy US Open tennis tickets?

US Open Tennis Ticket Price and Tips

Overview of US Open tennis ticket types

The center court at the US Open is the Arthur Ashe Stadium which has a capacity of over 22,000. The next two large show courts are the Louis Armstrong Stadium and Grandstand Stadium. In addition, there are also a number of smaller field courts. Here are the main types of tickets at this event: ground pass, Grandstand ticket, Louis Armstrong ticket and Arthur Ashe ticket. The information in the table below is compiled from the US Open website.

Ticket Type US Open Tennis TournamentThere are four seating levels at the Arthur Ashe: courtside, luxury suite, loge and promenade.

Ways to purchase US Open tennis tickets (for the general public)

Below are the main ways to purchase US Open tennis tickets for most of the public.

Individual standard tickets sold on Ticketmaster

In 2019, standard tickets will go on sale on Monday, June 3rd. Amex presale for fans with an Amex credit card will begin on Tuesday, May 28th. I have added a table with prices of Amex presale tickets on 5/28/19 in the next section.

One thing to note about Amex presale is there are standard seating tickets and preferred seating tickets. Amex standard seating is for everyone who has an Amex credit card.

The Amex presale 2019 looks better than in 2018. During the presale in 2018, we could see that most of these tickets are in the Upper Promenade section, but this year quite a lot of Lower Promenade tickets are offered too. We did see a few courtside and loge presale preferred tickets offered to more premium cardholders such as the Amex Centurion cardholders.

Standard tickets are released in batches throughout the summer, so don’t panic if you don’t see anything you like during presale.. Read more about individual standard tickets in the next sections.

US Open Ticket Plans

You can read more about ticket plans here. The problem with ticket plans is if you purchase them for the first time, you will only get upper promenade tickets. It probably takes years of repurchase to be upgraded to lower levels.

Ticket packages and hospitality

You can find more information here. They come with a higher price tag and include added benefits such as food and beverage, transfer to and from tournament, or accommodation. In 2018, we purchased a package with Steve Furgal’s International Tennis Tours, US Open official travel partner, in addition to purchasing several additional tickets ourselves on Ticketmaster. All communications with them prior to the tournament were great and they were always available for help during the tournament.

US Open Tennis ticket and bus ticket by Steve Furgal tour
US Open tennis ticket and bus ticket provided by Steve Furgal tour

The package we purchased includes 6 nights at the Intercontinental Barclays hotel, 4 loge tickets for the Round of 16 (R16) day sessions, 4 courtside tickets for the R16 night sessions and 4 loge tickets for the QF night sessions and daily round-trip transfers between the hotel and the event. In total, we paid a little over $7,800 for both of us. Below is a short review of our experience with Steve Furgal’s US Open tour.


Steve Furgal team will reserve tickets early for you, so you don’t need to keep checking Ticketmaster for tickets throughout the summer. You can customize your package with them however you want.

The package includes transfers between the hotel and the tennis center. You will also be able to use the USTA buses which run every 30 minutes. I really enjoyed taking the buses they organized instead of having to take the subway, taxi or Uber. It was super convenient and hassle-free especially when we left the Arthur Ashe stadium at 2 or 3 am.

Shuttle buses by Steve Furgal Tours and USTA
Shuttle buses used by Steve Furgal Tours and USTA for transfers between the hotel and the event


It is more expensive than buying tickets on Ticketmaster, and you cannot choose your seats. You can only choose the seating level you want. Then you can give Steve Furgal team your preferences for specific sections or specific rows but there is no guarantee you will get what you request.

I would say I wasn’t super impressed with the seats they gave us and I could find better seats on Ticketmaster myself. However, I was still very happy with the whole experience because of other benefits of the package.

US Open Verified Resale Tickets

Though there are different sites with resale tickets, Ticketmaster is the official resale partner. You can check the resale inventory on US Open Ticket Exchange by Ticketmaster or on Ticketmaster. Some resale tickets on Ticket Exchange site aren’t on Ticketmaster, so it’s best to check both sites.

Many of these tickets, usually lower promenade, loge and courtside, are priced at a premium. They can be irrationally high, which is one of the main reasons why we want to write this post. I can imagine how frustrated genuine fans feel when trying to find tickets with a limited budget. The general advice here is you should not buy any resale tickets before official standard tickets go on sale.  More on this later :).

Verified resale tickets also carry a high service fee. Looks like it’s about 16.5% of selling price.

Update: I just spent some time browsing resale tickets today (May 15th, 2019), and many are outrageously expensive. If you are shopping for single session tickets, please avoid overpriced tickets. I did spot some resale tickets with prices on par with standard tickets of 2018.

2019 US Open ticket analysis and tips

Face value of 2018 US Open tennis ticket

So just a quick recap of when standard tickets first went on sale in 2018. They said tickets would go on sale at 9 EDT but I started seeing tickets a little after 9. Some sessions didn’t show seat map and forced us to let the system pick best seats available for us. Most of the sessions still showed seat map to me right from the beginning. After a few hours, seat maps were back for all sessions.

For most sessions, there were a lot of upper promenade tickets, some lower promenade tickets and a few loge and courtside tickets on sale on Monday. All loge tickets offered on 6/11/18 were in row N with majority of them in the corner sections. Courtside tickets were scattered here and there.

Standard tickets US Open Tennis Tournament on sale
Standard tickets on sale on Monday

Tips for purchasing standard tickets on release day next year: be ready at 9 and open Ticketmaster on several devices. It’s also worth trying different browsers to see which one works best for you. In my case, Chrome worked much better than Safari. I would say in general, official loge and courtside tickets got bought pretty fast. Tickets during the Labor Day Weekend were among those that went the fastest, even quicker than quarter-final (QF) tickets.

If you can’t get tickets the day they go on sale, don’t panic. More standard tickets will be added later throughout summer. A lot of those tickets even offer better seats than those on sale the first day.

Below is face value of some tickets (not including fees but fees on standard tickets are pretty low) we were able to observe so far:

2018 US Open tennis standard ticket price
Table 1 (prices are in USD)

The face value of an actual ticket can be higher or lower than above depending on its row and section. All the prices in the Loge column are standard prices of row M & N (unless stated otherwise). Note that I’m just talking about standard courtside tickets, not courtside ticket with hospitality packages.

Face value of 2019 US Open tennis ticket

The table below lists the prices of some standard tickets I was able to observe on 5/28/19 and 6/3/2019. Most loge and courtside tickets I saw are in the last few rows of the sections.

2019 US Open Standard Ticket Price
2019 US Open Standard Ticket Price

Note: D means “day session”, N means “night session”, WM means “women” and M means “men”.

The prices in the table above don’t include any fees yet. Blank cells mean I wasn’t able to check prices of tickets in those sections. Overall, it seems prices are about the same as 2018 tickets for the most part so you can use 2018 prices as a guideline. You can scroll up to view the table with prices of US Open 2018 tickets.

Which US Open Tickets to Buy

Which tickets to buy depends on your budget. Generally, tickets for earlier rounds are cheaper than latter rounds. The men’s SF and final tickets are always the most expensive. Loge and promenade tickets for day sessions are usually more expensive than night sessions, except in the last few rounds. On the contrary, courtside tickets for night sessions are always more expensive than day sessions.

Which US Open Seating Levels to Buy

Our along-the-court view of the Federer vs Millman match from the last courtside row, US Open 2018.
We watched Federer vs Millman match from the last courtside row.

In terms of views, among the 3 seating levels, courtside will give you the best view of the match. I would personally avoid the lowest 6-7 rows or so of the courtside sections along the court because they are so low and you will mostly see the heads of people sitting in front of you.

Courtside night tickets are more expensive than day tickets but the atmosphere at night is much more special and exciting, especially when matches get longer and go past midnight. They also tend to schedule bigger stars to play at night. What I like about courtside day tickets is it’s pretty easy to get players’ autographs.

Naomi Osaka's autograph - US Open 2018
We got Naomi Osaka’s autograph (and Kei Nishikori’s too) after their day session matches

When you buy courtside tickets, you will also have access to the Aces restaurant, Champions Grill and Bar and other indoor food stalls with better and healthier choices than those at the Food Village on the ground or those on the promenade level.

Loge levels offer decent view of the court and they are way less expensive than courtside seats. However, Arthur Ashe is a really big stadium so you will still feel somewhat far from the action when sitting here. They are still worth the money though.

Loge view - Nadal vs Basilashvili US Open 2018
True view from the lower rows of loge level

The most affordable seats are at promenade levels. I didn’t sit there but here’s what I observed. Promenade seats are very high and far from the action and the noise level may prevent you from enjoying the match. Yes, it can be very loud up there.

US Open Arthur Ashe stadium - view from last promenade row
True view from the last promenade row
US Open Arthur Ashe stadium - view from N row promenade level
True view from N row (about midway of promenade level)

I think sections with end-court views or corner views are better for viewing tennis than sections along the court. So try to get seats with end-court views or corner views. If you can’t find anything like that, it’s still great to sit along the court. And if your budget only allows for promenade seats, it’s more important to buy seats that are within the lowest 5-10 rows of promenade level.

Along the courtside view at Arthur Ashe stadium - US Open tennis tournament
Along-the-court true view of Mertens vs Stephens match from the last courtside row
Corner courtside view - Cilic vs Nishikori US Open Tennis Ticket 2018
Corner courtside true view of Cilic vs Nishikori match from the last row of section 7

Which US Open Sessions to Buy

Which sessions to buy also depends on your budget, your time and probably who you want to see. We were pretty ambitious and bought tickets for 6 days of tennis. However, after 4 full days watching R16 and QF’s, we were so tired and sold our SF’s tickets. So watching tennis may consume more energy than you think ;).

Generally, I like night sessions more than day sessions. There’s just something very different about the night sessions. The excitement, the tension and the crowd create an incredible atmosphere at night.

Thiem vs Nadal US Open 2018, an incredible match
Incredible QF match between Thiem and Nadal, finished at 3 am.

If you want to see all players, the safest way is to watch the earlier rounds. During earlier rounds, there are also plenty of matches going on to watch during the day. I totally enjoyed R16 and QF’s matches, most of which were competitive and exciting. We watched the SF’s matches on TV and thought they weren’t as exciting as the previous rounds and the players looked exhausted.

Another thing to consider when choosing sessions is the Labor Day weekend is a very busy time at the US Open. That means long lines everywhere you go at the event.

If you are going to attend the US Open for the first time, I understand you will want to go to as many sessions as you can. For me, after having been to the US Open, my strategy would be going to fewer sessions and buying the best tickets I could afford.

Louis Armstrong vs Arthur Ashe tickets

Both Arthur Ashe and Louis Armstrong ticket holders don’t have to worry about rain since both stadiums have roofs. Arthur Ashe tickets will give you assigned seats at Arthur Ashe and access to unreserved seating at Louis Armstrong. Louis Armstrong ticket holders will have assigned seats at Louis Armstrong but no access to Arthur Ashe.

I personally dislike the unreserved seating at Louis Armstrong quite a lot. It is so stuffy and poorly ventilated up there. People just go up and down, in and out all the time which makes the experience less enjoyable.

US Open new Louis Armstrong stadium
Inside new Louis Armstrong stadium – view from unreserved seating area

I didn’t buy any Louis Armstrong reserved tickets but I spoke to one lady and she said the assigned seats at Louis Armstrong were pretty good. Louis Armstrong reserved tickets seem to cost around $225-$250.

If you think you want to spend a lot of time at Louis Armstrong stadium, better buy tickets for a reserved seat there. During the Labor Day weekend, unreserved seating at Louis Armstrong can fill up fast so get there early to find a decent seat if you are not a Louis Armstrong ticket holder.

Best Time to Purchase US Open Tennis Tickets

Shopping for US Open tickets requires a bit of patience and luck. Like I have said above, do not buy any verified resale tickets before official standard tickets go on sale, unless you find a very good deal. Even a few weeks after that, try to be patient and stay away from overpriced resale tickets. More tickets are released throughout the summer and in 2018, there were plenty of tickets on sale in all sections a few weeks and even a few days before the event day.

The Amex Presale isn’t very good so don’t have high hopes for it. However during the presale, they will offer a “buy 1 get 1 free” deal for promenade tickets of some sessions. Those are probably the cheapest tickets you can get.

When general standard tickets go on sale, it’s good to be there and browse to see if there’s something you like. The number of tickets they release on the first day is quite limited and any courtside or loge tickets offered on the first day will go very fast. Don’t worry if you can’t make it or don’t see what you want. The next couple of weeks after the release day in 2018 didn’t see many new tickets added, however in July and August many more standard tickets were added. Therefore, please don’t be desperate and buy overpriced resale tickets early on.

If you want to gamble, you can even wait until 1-2 days before the event day and prices of resale tickets may drop massively, even below standard ticket prices. Of course, it can go the other way if they speculate Federer will make it to the next round. That’s why I say it’s a bit of a gamble. In 2018, the standard price of loge tickets for the SF’s was around $700. When it was within a day before the men’s SF round, I could find quite a lot of resale loge tickets at 75% or even 50% of the standard price. And the SF’s had Djokovic vs Nishikori and Nadal vs Del Potro.

US Open 2018 mens SF resale tickets on Ticketmaster
A pair of men’s SF loge resale tickets listed with a deep discount on Ticketmaster a few hours before the SF session began

If you have to resort to purchasing resale tickets, always check Ticket Exchange by Ticketmaster and Ticketmaster first.

Other Tips for the US Open

Arthur Ashe stadium

Before You Go (What to bring and not to bring)

Before you go, please check the list of prohibited items on the US Open website. Also download the US Open app to your phone.

Bring your Chase and Amex credit cards.

Bring your camera to take a lot of photos. We were able to bring our DSLR’s camera and several lenses with no issues.

It can be very hot and humid in New York when the US Open takes place. I remember the day when Federer was beaten by Millman at the US Open 2018, the weather was unbearable even at midnight. I strongly recommend bringing a mini handheld fan. It was my life saver 🙂 (and many people were jealous when they saw my mini fan :D).

While at the US Open

When leaving the ground with an intention to come back during the same session, you will need a stamp from the security people at the gate. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get back in.

If you have a Chase credit card, you can reserve a spot in the air-conditioned Chase lounge to cool down and get some refreshments. Reservations begin in late August and try to reserve as early as you can. You can get more information about the Chase Lounge here. You can also visit the American Express Fan Experience to cool down in the air-conditioning.

When it gets late at night, usually from 9.30 or 10pm, some people start to leave and others start moving down to better seats that are empty. You can try to nicely ask people who are leaving whether they are coming back and they may give you their loge/courtside tickets for free.

Getting autographs at the US Open

I don’t really have tips for getting autographs. You can try waiting at the practice courts to get autographs or even take photos with your favorite players. I imagine you will have better chances to get autographs at smaller show courts than at big ones.

US Open 2018 - Nishikori signing autographs
Kei Nishikori signing for fans at the Arthur Ashe stadium, US Open 2018

For top stars, they usually play at Arthur Ashe stadium. Your best bet would be to sit at courtside level and move to the sections near the player’s entrance before the match ends and wait. It’s much easier to get autographs in day sessions because there are fewer people (especially fewer kids) to compete with you. We were able to get Osaka and Nishikori’s autographs after their day matches. Kei spent a lot of time taking photos and signing for fans after the match. I think he signed for everyone.

What to Eat and Drink at the US Open

Don’t forget to try the honey deuce cocktail, the signature drink of the US Open. It was $17 for a glass of honey deuce in 2018, not cheap but we quite like it :D.

If you have courtside tickets, you will have access to the Aces restaurant and Champions Grill & Bar. Try to make reservations at least one day in advance if you want to eat there because both restaurants are usually full around dinner hours (5-7pm). The food at Aces is pretty decent and healthy. The Champions Grill & Bar is very noisy and I wasn’t impressed with the food at all. The quality of their steaks was mediocre.

There’s also stadium food at Arthur Ashe and Louis Armstrong, mostly fast food like fries, fried chicken and ice cream. You can also get food from stalls at the Food Village or some restaurants on the ground. We ate at Cafe Spiaggia once and thought the food was okay.

Food at the US Open
From left to right: lobster salad at Aces, honey deuce cocktail, watermelon salad at Cafe Spiaggia

Please feel free to comment and let us know what you think about our post as well as what else you want to know. I strongly recommend you to read this blog post “A Serious Tennis Fan’s Top 10 Tips for the 2018 US Open (Tickets & More)” by P.J. Simmons. He has been to the Open many times and shared a lot of insightful tips.

If the US Open is out of your budget, consider going to the Western & Southern Open in Mason, Ohio. It is also a fun tennis event, one of the nine Masters 1000 tournaments. Tickets are very affordable and you can watch all tennis stars in a more intimate atmosphere. Read about my experience and tips for the Western & Southern Open.

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  1. Hi Sophie, I live in France and I intend to attend the Us Open in 2020…. and my first question is if I buy tickets in loge or courtside sections am I almost sure to get them during the labor day weekends ? (if I try to buy them the day of opening sale ?) because I cannot buy my airplane tickets if I cannot get us open tickets.

    My second question is if you have a good view from the loge ?

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Alain,

      I’m sorry for not noticing your comment earlier. There are usually very few courtside tickets for the Labor Day weekend on the day of opening sale, but you may have a better chance finding loge tickets if you check early. In 2019, a lot of standard loge and courtside tickets for the Labor Day were on sale later in the summer, especially from August. So if you are patient, I believe you will eventually find good tickets.

      I understand that prices of flight tickets may go up while you wait for tennis tickets. The best thing to do is to check tickets early the day they go on sale, and then be patient. I personally no longer worry too much about ticket availability.

      Yes, I did have a good view from the loge. I included some photos taken from loge sections in the post. The further down you can be in the loge sections, the better view you will have. Last year, prices of loge tickets for Labor Day weekend start from $160 before taxes and fees.

      I hope this helps :).

      1. Hi Sophie, first of all I would like to thank you a lot for your precious answer.
        After reading it, I feel more reassured.
        I think that I will buy my flight tickets in january and on the day of opening sale in june I ll try to buy the maximum loge tickets and if I miss a few sessions I ll wait for summer.
        But one thing is sure : I ll attend the 2020 australian open 😁
        One more time, thanks a lot Sophie.
        Best regards,

        1. Hi Alain,
          I think that sounds like a good plan :D.
          It’s great that you will attend the 2020 Australian Open. I’d also love to visit the AO at some point. It’s actually my most favorite Grand Slam to watch because all players are still so fresh and healthy. Have a great time :)!

          1. Hi and thank you Sophie. You’re absolutely right because all players have just started their season of tennis. I hope you’ll attend the AO someday. Maybe one day we’ll meet each other at a big tennis tournament. Alain.

  2. Hi Sophie, i’d like your advice. i’ll be in NYC this week, and I intend on trying to go to the Men’s semifinals on Friday, 9/6/19. I haven’t purchased tickets yet. Do you think i’ll get a better deal by waiting until the day before? Rain is in the forecast, and Djokovic has been eliminated. Thanks!

    1. Hi Michael,

      It’s not easy to predict whether there’ll be a better deal when there’s a chance Federer may play in one of the semifinals. Arthur Ashe has a roof so rain isn’t an issue and Djokovic isn’t exactly a big crowd’s favorite. I just took a look and it seems resale tickets are more expensive than around the same time last year. I think it’s because right now people are counting on Federer. If he doesn’t make it to the SFs (I hope he will though!), I expect a massive drop in resale prices and more people will put their tickets up for sale.

      So if you really want to go regardless of who will be playing and there are tickets in your price range now, it might be okay to buy. I’m sorry if this is not very helpful :(. It is sometimes pretty hard to make a good guess.

        1. I hope you have scored a good deal. I can see a number of good value tickets for the semifinals right now :).

  3. Hi Sophie,

    This was such a thorough and well-written review! I’m attending with my parents this year, and we have tickets for Ashe courtside for our matches. However, we are interested in visiting some of the other courts and wanted your perspective. Besides, Armstrong, did you visit Grandstand or any of the outer courts? If you did, did you like the unreserved in Grandstand better than the unreserved LA? Also, is there a way to ride the USTA buses if you’re not on Steve Furgal’s tours and are not a player? For example, can members of the USTA ride?



    1. Hi JC,

      Sorry for my late reply! I didn’t spend time at other outer courts because it was so hot and sunny. So we ended up sitting in the shade at Arthur Ashe.

      I found this pdf from 2013 that says “USTA shuttle bus service is available to US Open players and guests with credentials” (link: http://assets.usta.com/assets/1/15/2013_USO_Transport_Slim_Jim.pdf). I’m not sure if “guests with credentials” also include members of the USTA. It’s probably best to contact USTA directly to inquire about this.

      I’m sorry that I’m not able to provide any helpful insights. Have a wonderful time at the US Open with your parents.


  4. Excellent article on the US Open. I’ve been 50+ times (probably closer to 100) and still learned a lot from this article. Very detailed and informative.

  5. Hi Sophie! Thanks for this extensive article! A lot of helpful tips 🙂 I’m from the Netherlands and we’re planning to visit the US Open this August twice! Very very excited as it is our first time to a grand slam. In the 2,5 hours progress to buy a ticket on Ticketmaster we weren’t able to get the tickets. Not by creditcard and not by PayPal. Very frustrating 🙁 The cc was not accepted, but we have no reason why it shouldn’t work. I have a feeling that has something to do with the fact that I’m buying in another country. Do you know if foreigners in another countries can book the US open tickets online? And if not, do you know if I can ask my friend (she lives in the US) to buy tickets for me under my account or under her account?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    Kind regards, Roxane

    1. Hi Roxane,

      It’s exciting that you are going to visit the US Open this August :). Sorry you had a frustrating time trying to pay for tickets. I remember reading somewhere last year that people had difficulties using international credit cards. Ticketmaster US site says their app only takes credit cards with US or Canadian billing address but their desktop site accepts international cards. Did you try their desktop site or app? I’ll have to leave soon, but I’ll try to see if I can find more info later.

      I think there shouldn’t be any issues with your friend in the US buying tickets for you. She can log in your Ticketmaster account and use her card to pay for the tickets and select the electronic tickets option. The tickets will be added to your Ticketmaster account and you just need to pull them up on your phone to get scanned at the gate. They didn’t check IDs or verify credit cards at the event when we were there. Some events allow ticket transfers, meaning your friend can buy tickets under her Ticketmaster account and then transfer to yours. However, I can’t remember if the US Open had this transfer option.

      I’ll try to find more info about international payments later today.


      1. Thank you for your quick and helpful response, Sophie!

        We only used the desktop site. With PayPal it keeps saying that I need to make sure that the country is the same as the billing address. However I only can choose ‘other countries’. Your answer supports my feeling about issues with booking in other countries.

        Last question, do you know if I can call the ticketservice to book the tickets? Otherwise I’m going to ask my friend.

        Kind regards, Roxane

        1. Hi Sophie,

          I called with Ticketmaster and I have an update. The tickets we want to buy are resale tickets, as the standard tickets in our budget and prefferd seating are all sold or mostly bought up to resale 🙁 The ‘ticketmaster’ guy said that’s the reason we cannot buy them, because standard tickets can exactly be bought with a cc from another country!

          I also explained that I’m going to ask my friend to buy them for me. He said that it’s better if she’s buying them under her account with her cc attached then under my account with her cc. She can easily transfer them to me, as you said so already.

          Problem solved with your help, thnx! Now I finally buy them and enjoy in August 🙂

          1. Hi Roxane,

            I’m glad you were able to speak with Ticketmaster and get it figured out. I didn’t know buying resale tickets with international cc could be an issue. Buying tickets to our favorite events shouldn’t be stressful right.

            Have a great time at the US Open! I think you will enjoy it :).

  6. Hi! Your article is amazing , thanks!
    We will only have one day at the US Open (probably first Monday/Tues/Wednesday), so am torn between going to Arthur Ashe for the afternoon session and then also getting to spectate good matches outside, or to purchase the late session Arthur Ashe tickets, with the better atmosphere/players but not getting a full day out of it.

    What would you recommend?
    Is it possible to purchase a day ticket for the grounds for the afternoon and also a night ticket for the Arthur Ashe? Or would this be too long a day perhaps

    1. Hi Kyle,

      My understanding is you are considering going to the US Open on either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of the first week (please correct me if I get it wrong). That will be the first or second round when matches at the Arthur Ashe are often between a top seed and a qualifier or a lowly-ranked player. So those matches can sometimes be one-sided and end quickly. So I think for those first few rounds, if you have to choose between day or night session, you will get more out of your money with day session tickets since there are more matches to watch..

      If you have a whole day to spend at the event (like from 11 am to 10 pm), you can get both day and night session tickets. Spending a full day watching tennis is doable and fun. It sounds like you are considering a ground pass for the afternoon? I think it’s better to buy a cheap Arthur Ashe promenade ticket than a ground pass because Arthur Ashe cheap tickets of the first few rounds are very affordable, and when it rains, you may want to go there since the Arthur Ashe has a roof. A ground pass, on the other hand, doesn’t give you access to the Arthur Ashe.

      I hope this helps. If there is anything unclear, please let me know.

      1. Hi,
        Yes you’re exactly right in your understanding and i think you’re right in your response too!

        Will likely take your advice and book a cheap promenade ticket for one of the first 3 days, then perhaps book a better night session ticket if we want to spend the whole day there 🙂

          1. Hi again, sorry just wondering if you know, I think the tickets are now on general sale. However whenever I go into buy a ticket for any session on Ashe in the first 3 days, the middle section of seating (Sec 101 – 136) is nearly all either greyed out or purple showing a ‘verified resale’ option. The service charge fees with these are very high.
            Do you think any more standard (blue) tickets will become available closer to the time? or perhaps the price of the ‘verified resale’ tickets will decrease closer to the time?

            Happy to hear your thoughts, as we will likely go with tickets in the lower promenade which are more affordable.

            1. Hi Kyle,

              Right now I’m seeing some standard tickets for the last rows of the middle sections (loge level) for Mon day (8/26), Tues day (8/27) and Wed day and night (8/28). Those last rows are probably the cheapest loge tickets you may find.

              I do think more blue tickets will become available closer to the event. That’s what happened last year. Some resellers may lower their price too, sometimes at a deep discount, but I think it’s more likely to happen in August.

              Hope you’ll be able to find some good seats :).

  7. Hi,
    We want to buy tickets to the Men’s Final and Men’s quarter Finals.
    I just looked at the resale tickets at TicketMaster and saw that the cheapest ticket to the Final is around 400$.
    Should I but it? Or should I wait to the general sale? I am afraid that there won’t be any tickets available if I will wait too long.
    What do you think will be the cheapest price at the general sale?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Ron,

      What seating level are those $400 resale final tickets in? If they are in promenade sections, I remember seeing lower resale price last year.

      Personally, I would wait for the general sale and it is not too far away. Last year, there weren’t too many standard tickets on sale in June, and even in July, especially for loge and courtside tickets. However, I saw many more standard tickets on sale towards the end of August so I think it’s very likely there will always be tickets. Quarter-final tickets were not difficult to find last year. For the final, you may need to be more patient.

      If my memory is correct, the Amex presale last year had a buy 1 get 1 free deal for promenade tickets of quarterfinal day sessions. So the total price for two QF promenade tickets ended up being around $50 with that deal, and I think that was the cheapest it could get. Courtside tickets for quarterfinal day sessions when general sale started were about $500-$600. As I said, they released many more tickets later throughout the summer. My guess is ticket price this year will probably be about the same as last year.

      So if you can, take a look when they release Amex presale tickets to see if there’s anything you like. Then try to catch when general sale starts to browse for tickets. From our experience, they will gradually release more tickets as we get closer to the event. Some people also lower resale prices later in the summer.

      I hope this helps :).

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