“A lifetime of traveling, talking and eating throughout the country may not be enough to discover all that Vietnam has to share”.

(Luke Nguyen, The Food of Vietnam)

Hi, I’m Sophie and welcome to Delightful Plate! The world probably doesn’t need another food blog, so I appreciate you visiting us here.

My life partner and I created this blog, first of all, as a place to document all the fun we have in the kitchen. Both he and I love good food and enjoy trying new things in the kitchen, whether it’s a new ingredient, new knife or new kitchen appliance. To some extent, this blog is like a diary that allows us to record our life experiences and look back on them later.

The second reason we created Delightful Plate is we want to showcase Vietnamese cuisine, which has much more to offer than just pho noodle soup and banh mi. Creating contents for Delightful Plate is a great experience through which both of us re-discover our Vietnamese heritage.

Through the blog, we hope to preserve the authenticity of Vietnamese cuisine. We also hope we can help you recreate the dishes you love and connect you with Vietnamese culture more.

What you will find on Delightful Plate

You will find both traditional and modern Vietnamese recipes here. I hope through my recipes, you will have better understanding of not only Vietnamese cuisine but also Vietnamese culture. We were both born in Vietnam, so you can trust us that we know what we are talking about when we say “authentic”.

Besides Vietnamese dishes, Delightful Plate will sometimes have recipes inspired by flavors and ingredients from other cuisines. I went to the U.K. for postgraduate study and subsequently moved to the U.S, which has given me access to many new ingredients, spices, and kitchen appliances as well as chances to try many international dishes. We love to cook food from other cuisines at home.

Writing is not my forte and English is not my mother tongue, so I often worry if my posts are well-written enough. I started the blog with the thought that I need to keep my posts concise and straight to the point. In each post, I try my best to describe the cooking process and how the dish tastes.

I will also share my thought process for the recipe as well as useful/meaningful information such as the origin of the dish or characteristics of ingredients. I apologize in advance if I sound too boring, but don’t hesitate to let me know that so I can improve.

What you will not find on Delightful Plate

There are certain things I try to eat in a small amount if possible. They are dairy, refined sugar and highly-processed food. They sadly give me terrible mood swings and skin issues. Moreover, I believe in the importance of eating fresh and nutrient-dense food, so I mostly use natural and wholesome ingredients in my recipes.

I don’t follow any food trend. What I share on Delightful Plate is what my partner and I genuinely enjoy eating.

We do have Amazon affiliate links and ads to offset the costs of running a website. However, we don’t do sponsored posts. Everything we write on the blog is what we think, and we pay for all ingredient costs and travel costs ourselves.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy spending time at Delightful Plate! We also have a travel site at delightfultravelnotes.com where we share comprehensive travel guides, unbiased reviews, and insider tips for an authentic travel experience.